Loving Cinnamon 

It’s taken me longer to get this to you guys than I anticipated. This old lady needs to do some research to find some herbs to help me with my focus. I am so embarrassed by what happened to me since my last post. I was driving home after tea with girlfriends and I was thinking about how great our visit was and all the things I was going to do when I got home and I rear ended a little old man. He didn’t really NEED to stop in the flipping yield, but that doesn’t hold any weight. My fault…..100%  and why? Because I wasn’t paying attention, obviously. I have now lost my safe drivers reduction and I am very concerned that I may get called in to do a road test. I’ve decided to do a few lessons with a professional driving school in Nanaimo just in case it does happen. I was so rattled and so mad at myself, how foolish of me. Now where were we again…. right, cinnamon.

Cinnamon is one of the world’s oldest spices. It is the dries inner bark of the laurel tree. It dates back to first being used in 2500 BC, holy cow! This was in China and Egypt. There are several different varieties and it was one of the first spices to be traded.

The word “cinnamon” comes from the Latin word canella, which means small tube, pipe. Surprisingly, cinnamon is related to the avocado. This is why I’m finding this research so cool. Who would have ever known or thought that? It is a warming spice and it supports the spleen, lungs, kidney, heart, and uterus functions. Now this is interesting…some sources call it a herb and some a spice…confusing! Cinnamon can increase digestive fluid and it raises vitality. It is useful for treating diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, influenza, arthritis, menstrual cramps, rheumatism and candidiasis. I’m going to begin ingesting this every day, incredible! It’s aroma relieves tension and helps steady nerves (wish I would have known this after my car crash).

When used in cooking it is used in sweet and savory dishes. It is recommended when using cinnamon powder to add it shortly before serving as it becomes bitter with prolonged cooking.

I had no idea cinnamon was this great. I will be increasing my consumption of it for sure. Now, what shall we look at next??? I think this time I will keep you guys in suspense. Till next time :)