Loving Cinnamon 

It’s taken me longer to get this to you guys than I anticipated. This old lady needs to do some research to find some herbs to help me with my focus. I am so embarrassed by what happened to me since my last post. I was driving home after tea with girlfriends and I was thinking about how great our visit was and all the things I was going to do when I got home and I rear ended a little old man. He didn’t really NEED to stop in the flipping yield, but that doesn’t hold any weight. My fault…..100%  and why? Because I wasn’t paying attention, obviously. I have now lost my safe drivers reduction and I am very concerned that I may get called in to do a road test. I’ve decided to do a few lessons with a professional driving school in Nanaimo just in case it does happen. I was so rattled and so mad at myself, how foolish of me. Now where were we again…. right, cinnamon. Read more

Herb or Spice

Hey Guys, I’m really excited to start learning about all kinds of herbs. My website is called My Herb

What is a Herb?

When I hear “herbs” I think spices, but apparently even though they are stored in the same place and used in the same manner they are different. Herbs are the leaves of herbaceous plants. On the other hand, spices, usually grow within 15 degrees of the equator and may be bark, root bud, fruit or the berry of the plant. Herbs seem to have remained regional in use, depending upon local availability. Spices have played a significant role in religion and economics. Spices are responsible for turning Venice into a great power and launched Columbus’s voyage. Read more