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Can Rosemary Grow in the Shade?

Can rosemary grow in the shade? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they are deciding what to do with their garden. It’s hard enough to find plants that will actually thrive in any environment, never mind a shady one. But don’t worry!

There are plenty of plants out there which can be grown easily if you know what you’re doing and have the right tools for the job. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at whether or not rosemary can really grow in shade and provide some tips on how to plant it successfully so that it has the best chance of survival.

The question is Can rosemary grow in the shade?. The straight answer is yes, Rosemary can grow in shady conditions, but it is not as likely to thrive and do well while living there.

This plant needs a lot of light for the leaves to be green and healthy-looking so that they produce wonderful fragrant oils which are used for cooking or even infusions like tea. It’s hard enough when you’re trying to grow a plant that needs lots of light in an area with little to no sun.

A rosemary plant needs at least five hours of sunlight every day. Rosemary will not survive in the shade for a long period of time with sunlight or article lights, so if you’re planting one near a home or building with lots of trees, it’s best to give the herb some space and move them out to sunnier areas for better growth.

Which herbs grow best in shade?

Apart from rosemary here are other herbs that can grow in the shade with little sunlight?


– Thyme

– Sage

– Chervil

– Basil

– Mint

– Oregano

Tips on planting rosemary successfully

– The best time for the process is from spring through late summer when there’s plenty of sunlight and heat. This will definitely help it thrive better than if you planted it during other times of the year, like winter or early fall when temperatures are cooler but days are still long enough for some sunshine.

– Find a spot where the plant has about four hours of direct sunlight each day so that its leaves can get as much exposure as possible without shading out too many others around them which could be detrimental to their health; plants near trees should run away quickly!

– Dig up at least one foot down into the ground to make a small hole for the plant and cover it back up with soil. Make sure that you water it every day so that the roots can take hold better and stay healthy; this makes a good habit of watering any plants in your garden each morning before other tasks are done, too!

– Spread mulch around its base about two inches deep to help keep moisture levels high during hot days or dry spells.

– Planting rosemary near some lavender, lemon balm (melissa), or creeping thyme could be beneficial if space is an issue as they grow well together without competing for sunlight.


In this blog post, we’ve discussed how to plant rosemary and tips on where it thrives best. However, the most important thing is that you water your plants daily so they can take root better and stay healthy. Also, we discussed planting rosemary in the shade if that will lead to rapid growth

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